Composting Toilets


Composting Toilets

  • No Septic
  • No Plumbing

Protecting the environment for over 25 years

At Sun-Mar, we are proud of our history and the role our products play in protecting the environment.

  • Sun-Mar toilets are the safest and most environmentally friendly method of waste treatment
  • Sun-Mar composting toilets evaporate liquids and compost the solids, so on most models there is absolutely no output and no contamination of ground water
  •  Sun-Mar composting toilets have saved over 3.3 billion gallons of water, and counting


  • Composting converts organic matter back to its essential minerals
  • Aerobic microbes do this in the presence of moisture and air, by converting carbon to carbon dioxide gas, and hydrogen to water vapor
  • As a result, some 95% of the staring material is evaporated
  • The resulting compost is recycled back to nature

Sun-Mar units have no equal!

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